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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Khamis Mlm Jumaat : Siapa lebih hebat??

Di suatu ptg khamis yang indah...

WIKIPEDIA : Aku tahu semuanya.

FACEBOOK : Aku pula kenal dengan semua orang ....

FRIENDSTER : A'aa, semua kenalan aku kau curi !

MYSPACE : Kami musuh anda wahai Facebook !

TWITTER : Takpe Facebook, aku back-up kau .

GOOGLE : DIAMMM !! Aku ada semuanya .

MOZILA : Eh , tanpa aku , korang tidak boleh diakses .

IE : Wei Mozilla , sendrik mau ingat ha . . gua kan ada !

MOZILA : Lu pehal ? Kacau line orang jer !

IE : Lu dulu la mamat , mengaku lu sorang jer boleh akses pada diaorang tadi !!

INTERNET : Sudah !!! jangan gaduh-gaduh ! Kalau aku takde , korang lagi latakde ! Power tak aku ?

FACEBOOK : Hmmm , akulah yang paling ramai di kunjungi . Jadi gua yangterbaekkkkk !!!

YAHOO : Facebook, jangan riak . Kalau aku takde, mana boleh buat email !

GOOGLE : Yahoo, Gua kan boleh buat email gak !

MAXIS, CELCOM, TMNET : (serentak) Ehem! Lu org ingat kami ni kayu ? 

TNB : Diamlah korang, nanti aku matikan elektrik . . baru korang tau siapa paling power …

Source : Facebook

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

30-hours ago i escaped from being kinnaped (true story)

Salam petang selasa..

For u girl..

30 hours ago, I escaped from being kidnapped
by Chin Xin-Ci on Tuesday, 29 May 2012 at 00:39 ·
As I sit here writing this, I am just so grateful to be alive.
To think that 30 hours ago I had a knife to my throat, face to face with the threat of being kidnapped and raped.
It was a Sunday, at 5.22PM. I was alone, walking towards my boyfriend's car in level B2 of The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. He was not in town, and I was running errands with his car. Just as I was putting my shopping bags in the rear seat, the rear car door was slammed against my back, and a meat cleaver was pressed against my throat. A man covered my mouth with his hand, and whispered not to scream. He then shoved me onto the floor of the backseat of the car and waved the cleaver at me, reminding me not to scream. He was skinny, wearing a baggy turqoise blue t-shirt, had a thick moustache and short curly hair, approx 5'8", mid-30s, and of Indian descent.
At this moment, second man appeared. He was also in his mid-30s. He was wearing a red t-shirt, had a crewcut, and was of Malay descent. He grabbed my car keys and demanded for my parking ticket. I couldn't remember where it was. They shoved me deeper into the car, and the Indian man got into the back seat with me, while the Malay man got into the driver's seat, driving us out of the carpark.
I told them they could take everything, just let me go. But at that point they didn't even ask for money. Instead, the Indian man started to make sexual advances. Then it hit me. "Oh my God. Oh my God. This is really happening. I'm being kidnapped.. and I think I know what they want."
From this moment on, there were a few crucial things that happened that I think is the reason I'm alive today.
1. I managed to get into a position to escape.
 When they got into the car, the Indian man had tried to force my body down onto the floor. I knew that the moment I'm on the floor, there would be no chance of escape. So I begged him to let me sit up. I promised him I wouldn't scream or alert anyone's attention. Thankfully, he trusted me, and let me sit up, gripping my arm tightly. Then I told him my arm really hurt and to please not grip it so hard. He loosened his grip.
2. I did not fight for the sake of fighting.
 I was in an enclosed space, with no clear escape route. I would never win in a fight with these 2 guys, especially when they have sharp weapons. Had I fought from the get go, I may not have been in a position to escape. I might've even been knocked out cold, and God only knows where I would be right now.
3. I was lucky and sneaky.
I knew that the only way to escape, was to jump out of the car, even if it was moving. They had locked the car doors. So I leaned back, pretended to scratch my hair, and shakily unlocked the door I was leaning against. I'm so lucky they did not see or hear this!
4. I went 'crazy' at the right time.
And then I waited. I knew that the car would have to slow down outside the parking lot, as it exits to merge with the main roads. The moment it slowed down, I opened the car door and tried to make a run for it. I failed. I kicked my legs out of the car, but the Indian man had managed to pull my body back in. >From this moment on, everything is a blur. I remember the Malay driver temporarily stopping the car, leaning over from the driver's seat and attempting to close the door and pull my legs in. At that point I remember thinking, "Even if I don't get out now, I need to keep the door open and my legs out the door. At the very least, it should cause a scene, and someone would see me. Or, the door might hit another car and they'll be forced to slow down." So I continued kicking. My right foot pushed against the wide-open car door to keep it open. I recall elbowing, struggling, kicking, and even biting. I lost my glasses, and was struggling blindly for my life. At some point the Malay driver yelled, "BAGI DIA LEPAS! BAGI DIA LEPAS!" (Let her go! Let her go!) and the Indian man loosened his grip. I made a jump out of the still-moving car, and ran for my life.
5. I acted in spite of the fear.
My friends said I was brave. But I didn't feel like it. I was quivering and shaking in fear. I was so afraid. I thought I was going to die.  I was weak with fear and deathly afraid. I truly thought "this was it". But I knew I HAD to move. I had to run. Or there would be a worser fate in store for me. While I was quaking in fear, I forced myself to look around and see if there was any way I could escape, or even catch someone's eye.
6. I remembered the people I love.
The only thing that matters when you're faced with potentially horrendous fate, is the people in your life. When I felt the knife to my neck, the first thing I thought was , "This cannot be happening. I must be dreaming." The second? The people that truly matter to me flashed across my mind. It sounds cliche, but it's true. I thought of my parents. My brother. Khailee. Esther. More people. That's all I could think of for a few moments, before I started brainstorming my escape.
I ran towards the Maybank outlet at the Curve. There were plenty of people milling around. I screamed for help over and over again. I was hysterical. I grabbed an older Malay man by his shoulders and begged for help before practically collapsing at his feet.
I will always remember the relief and liberation I felt, running over Mutiara Damansara's manicured grass and into the crowd.
Today, I found out that the entire ordeal from the moment I left the parking ticket payment machine, to my escape, happened in about 4 minutes. To me, it felt like one long nightmare.
We never think its going to happen to us... and then it does. I used to think that this is something that happens only in the papers and to people far, far removed from me. But then it did happen to me. I moved to PJ/KL 6 years ago, and I've spent countless mornings, afternoons and nights at The Curve. When my friends and I were organizing Rock Up! back in 2008, we were walking around the place at 4AM even. It's been 6 years, and never once did I feel that I was unsafe at The Curve. Until yesterday.
I feel like moving out of the country ASAP. Getting the hell out of this state where you hear of a kidnapping or attempted one every month (remember Nayati?), or a snatch theft every week. And yet I'm fully aware of the fact that in another country with more lax firearm laws, they would've been holding a gun to my head, not a cleaver. And that would've been so, so much worse.
I'm Blessed. By God's grace, I am alive and relatively well. And I will live another day to build another cat iPhone app. It just was not my time to go. And for that, I thank God.
I want to share this story with everyone because cops tell me that they rarely get to hear it from someone who escapes.
Girls, be so very careful. Be vigilant, and please try not to go anywhere alone. If you need to walk to the carpark, and you're alone, get a guard to go with you. I was recently told that it's part of their job description to assist anyone if needed.
Guys, watch out for your girlfriends, wives, mothers, sisters and friends. Walk with them, don't take their paranoia or fear lightly. Watch out for them.
And everyone, just watch out for each other. Take care of each other. These things really DO happen. As I ran out of the car, so many people came to help me. Strangers who didn't know who I was, came forward and offered me tissue paper, water, cellphones, and general comfort.
Malaysians, please care for one another. You already do. Just keep on caring. Keep watching out for each other. Don't worry about being thought of as "busy body" or "overreacting". The world can be a cruel place, but all it takes is for people to care for one another to make all the difference.
Best Regards,
Sandra Ong
Export Division

Takut kan... huuuu I pon penah mengalami beberapa scene yg mendebarkan ini.. dr kecik sampai le besar...huuuu so boleh paham situasi dia macam mana..cerita ni baca dr SINI ini..So ini peringatan utk perempuan yg suka berjalan sensorg dan utk diri I sendiri..

Kadang-kadang kita mmg akan jadi blur if benda tu berlaku, then kadang2 kita xsangka kita boleh bertindak sebegitu..tambah2 kita perempuan ni kan..sbb tu mak I selalu pesan jalan kat tempat yg ramai org... wuuuu kadang-kadang kalau dia xdpt call I, dia akan call Mr Pooh utk tahu kenapa i xjawab call..
Now dah jadi mak ni I pon pikir benda yang sama.. Bahaya yg menanti seorang wanita...

Nanti2 kalau ada masa, I akan cerita perkara2 yg boleh buat jantung berhenti berdegup utk beberapa saat..wuuuu

Sekali lagi, kepada wanita... BERHATI-HATILA..

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sambutan Hari Lahir Zafran yg meriah

Salam Isnin..
wahahaha tajuk tu dah ala-ala tajuk sambutan beday retis kat blog hiburan dah..
Xpe-xpe, ni kan sambutan beday boy suami I. so kita buatla tajuk yg gemilang nmpk meriah vasdevas tp hakikatnya hanya 3 retis individu yang terlibat..

Ok bedaynya Jumaat lepas (25 May 2012). So macam biasa lakan, a month before, dalam otak ni duk pikirla surprise yg nak buat kali nih.. I mmg suka buat surprise-surprise ni tapi xde org nak buat surprise kat I pon..HINT nih-HINT nih... *sian kan, nak suprise pon kene buat hint tsk tsk*

Actually surprise kali ni dugaannya tang hadiah tuh... memula nak beli hadiah A yakni bag laptop merchandise MAN U, sekali 2 minggu sebelum ni, sedang elok je I nmpk dia balik sambil sandang bag laptop baru... 
"Yang, tgk abg beli bag laptop baru.."
"hmmmm..." *acuh xacuh jawab.Geram je dlm hati sbb dia rosakkan rancangan I..

Then gigihla berpikir2 nk beli ape... search punye search, nmpk plak another merchandise Man U jual secara online, tapi kali ni kasut bola.. Sekali nak masuk order, diorg cakap order dah tutup...waaaa geramnyehhhhh
Pilihan ke3 terpaksa la tukar ke hadiah C.. Yang ni xleh bgtau ape..rahsia katanya, Yang atas tu boleh review sbb ianya kansel..So saje nk bg Mr Pooh geget jari..hahaha 

 Nak dijadikan cerita ke-spoil-an nye ialah hari I dapat hadiah tu kat opis.. Masuk je kete balik tu, ntah kenapa tangan ni gatal pi keluarkan hadiah letak kat dash board. Otw balik umah, tentibe rasa nk terkucil.. So niat dalam hati, sahaja aku balik umah dulu kench then baru nak amik zara... Sbbnye kang kat sekolah zara mst lama, cikgu dia nak bagi laporan aktiviti dia kat sekolah, mana nak tahan berdiri kan..so pulangla..sekali sampai umah tgk Mr Pooh dah ade kat umah, I yg dah xtahan ni terus kuar kete berlari setempat sambil beri arahan.."abg tolong pi amik zara, ayg xtahan nih..." amacam, korang leh imagine x cerita selanjutnya? Yaaaaaaaaaa Mr Pooh dah nmpk dulu hadiah tu, Tgh membuang hajat baru I terigt, sendu hati I okeh sbb Again xjadi lagi surprise hadiah nih.. 9 kali I tny dia, "abg tgk dah erk...dah tahu kan hadah ape kan..wuuuu mencik2"sambil tumbuk dada beliau yg sasa itu tanda protes... Ok tang tumbuk tu I tipu..Biasala efek penceritaan kene lebih. Tapi ada I kisah...walau dia dah nmpk, tetap xmo bagi... I anggap dia xpernah tgk lagi.. hahaha Keji

Panjang plak cerita ni ha... xpe, sementara I ngah rajin ni, kita sambung ok..
Jumaat petang tu lps ofis terus cepat2 jalan nk sampai ke kereta.. Mmg target biarla I sampai dulu before Mr Pooh... Bawak laju kete ni jangan cite la..Mmg nama je ari jumaat, I dah cam org gile jerit kat pemandu yg bawak selow.. tapi lepas jerit dlm hati jeala..eh kepada pakcik yang menggelabah tukar lane tu, sorry erk saya hon tadi..anggap saje saya bekejar nak ke toilet..hahaha

Terus beli kek kat Taman Melawati..Amik Choc Moist Cake.. Pastu amik zara... Sampai umah start mendeko.. Doa dlm hati janganla dia balik time I ngah menghias nih...Kalau dia sampai sebelum I siap berhias, dah janji dah, ni je last time nak wat seprais.. Merajuk dah!!Hahaha

xdela preparation ape pon.. gantung word happy birthday, susun lilin wangi, letak kek, hadiah.. Tutup lampu.. actually lupa nk amik gambar masa pasang lampu... wat cepat2 kan..adeh
Perasan hadiah belah kri kek tu? walaupon Mr Pooh dah tau hadiah ape kan,  tetap nk balut gak. Masa dia tgk hadiah tu, Mr Pooh wat2 terkejut plus berteka-teki apa isi.. .I yg organise party ni, suka hatila nak balut ke xkan.dan suka hati I la nk paksa org wat reaksi terkejut ke kan..?.(+__+)

Choc Moist Cake.. Not badla rasa dia.. Xtau nak tulis apa, kalau ayah, cam xbest, kalau abg, xkan Mr pooh abg zarakan, so letak sweetheart la..

lilin ni mmg last minit punye idea.. tentibe teringat lilin wangi beli kat ikea dr zaman awal2 prgnant dulu...skrg zara pon dah keluar kan..jemu dah.. bakar kan aje, biar ade efek romen-tik sikit plus wangi satu umah

muka terkejut Mr Pooh.. Eh nangis ke abg?hehehe

Berpeluh kot tggu Mr Pooh nak sampai umah.. Nk msg bnyk kali tnye kat mana kang, dia dpt agak ada sesuatu kan..so bergelapla kami 2 beranak.. Ala-ala xde letrik tu.. Mujur Zara xbuat hal... dia pon eksaited kot..gmbr atas tu time Mr Pooh masuk..muka terharu plus terkejut.. hahaha sendiri buat andaian nak gembirakan hati kengkonon seprais berjaya..

Sesi potong kek, Si kecik tu praktis nak potong kek.. Yg kelakar, time nk potong, ayahnye sibuk tgk kek, Zara yg tgk kamera..Pastu ayah termalu sendiri sbb anak yg lagi pandai posing.ayah plak nmpk sgt kerakusannya.hehe

Si tembam tu, dia yg lebih happy..mcm ke boleh mkn semua tu..

 Ada tembikai, kek dan pizza.. Nmpk pizza cam hangitkan, itu sebenarnye cendawan. tapi mmg overcook sikit...xdpt budget.. I plak bakar je xtgk2..tggu loceng bunyi je..sekaliiiiiiii jadilah Pizza Chicken Mushroom versi Sendu..

Dah kenyang, mohla kita bergambar sbb kebetulan warna baju kitaorg ritu sama..PINK! Nmpk berlapis kan dagu I tu, sebenarnye tu kantung rezeki org kata..kekekek
Si tembam tu sengaja xtgk kamera..budget murah comel la posing camtu, mata tgk org lain.kunun2 candict.huuuhhhh geram

Aik dah abis gmbr?
Hmmm itula penceritaan sambutan hari lahir Zafran yg meriah tu...


Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Selamat Hari Lahir..
Selamat Hari Lahir.. 
Selamat Hari Lahir Sayang...
Selamat Hari Lahir..

Today is your birthday sweetheart
a very special day for you, and now, it is special for me too

On this occasion, I wish happy birthday to you
I pray that you always be blessed by Allah, have good health, meet your dream, and our love staying until the end of life.

Eh cam ucapan anniversary plop! redah ajela... 

eh eh
And don't forget to renew ur license!!

oh kamu yg suweet, We LOVE You

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

RKB ~ layankan aje mak ko ni nak!

Sesekali gunakan anak utk kepentingan peneman diri, apa salahnya kan??

Walaupon tahu anak muka paksa rela, mommy harus maintain

Kepada anak, bertabahla mempunyai mommy seperti ini.. (+___+)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Menu nyummehhh

Niat hati nak publish setiap satu menu, tapi sejak kebelakangan nih, I bz skit..
pastu bila tgk gmbr2, dh cam malas nak buat asing2, so compile jeala terus erk.. Sesape yang rasa nak resepi, sila request lain, nnt I create another entry.. Tapi kalau xde, I redha..*sentaphatimak!

Ni antara menu yg telah I cuba utk Zara... Utk menu kat atas, Zara xberapa suka keledek dan labu... bila bagi makan je, zara buat muka xsuke, lari2 kan mulut dia, wat2 wekkk.. macam berperang nak bg makan... I try rasa then YES! xsedap.Rasa kembang je..hahaha...Maybe sebab tektur makanan tu..cam creamy sikit kan...

Utk pear dan carrot, memang lulus... Sua je sudu, zara menganga je makan.. Again I rasa..YES sedap..Masam2 manis.. Rasa ais krim..

Kalau korang tgk schedule Zara yg I letak kat SINI, buah2 tu I letak single kan..Tapi I dah tukar.. I campur dengan kurma.. Tujuan buah-buahan tu buat single sebab nak kenal pasti either baby alergi or not. But I xrasa Zara ni alergi ngan kurma, so I campur buah-buahan ni dengan kurma.. Kurma kan bnyk khasiat so menambahkan zat makanan tu lagi..ngeeeeeee

Yes, Menu hijau belum buat lagi.. hmm nanti nak try peas, brokoli etc.. Mesti horror warna dia kan..hahaha

Sunday, May 13, 2012



Rasanye semua pon tahu bahawasanya hari ibu tu haram disambut... Ok I mengaku yg I baru tahu..hehehe B42 ni mmg la xsambut tapi selalu kitaorg akan keluar makan atau beli hadiah je... So lepas ni xde hadiah dah mak erk...sbb diorg kata nak bg hadiah xpayah tggu hari ibu... kekeke

Tapi entry ni I nak cerita pasal mak I yg super gojes tu...kenapa Super? sebab anak dia gojes, mak kene pangkat lebih tinggi..So kita letak Super *OK sila muntah di baldi biru tepi kamu itu...* Emak I namanya Rossita Binti Hj Salleh...berumur 56 tahun. Orangnye tinggi (ishh kenapa I xfollow gen emak nih...), cantik dimata anak-anaknye, suke sangat mengemas rumah (sebulan perabot kat umah tu mst beralih tempat..), suke memasak and menjamu orang, sangat suke seni kemahiran wanita, aktif berpersatuan (konon lepas ayah pencen, mak pon nk pencen berpersatuan tppppp??? )

Mak menjadi tulang rusuk ayah yang sempurna.. Sentiasa di belakang ayah memberi sokongan dan dorongan... Dengar kisah kehidupan diorg masa baru-baru kawen, mengajar I erti kesusahan dan kesabaran... Mak I sangat-sangat memahami suaminya, tidak pernah menyesal dengan kehidupannya dan membuatkan dia menjadi wanita yg kuat.. Ye bila saya kata kuat mmg saya maksudkan KUAT (mak boleh alihkan peti ais, almari pakaian, meja makan, katil, tv, mesin jahit lama seorg diri yerk..) wauuu sungguh badang kuat! Mak sapa la tue..??

Dengan anak-anak, emak sangat la sporting..Dia sedia menjadi pendengar segala masalah anak-anak, sedia utk memarahi anak-anak, sedia melawak bersama anak-anak dah jugak banker untuk anak-anak.Eh!  Diala cikaro terbaik anak-anaknya.. So kepada bakal adik-adik ipar I, watch out!! Hahaha

Mak sapala yg hebakk sangat tuuuuuu???

Amboi haa... Posing senget ala-ala posing 1st Lady dah ni...
Time serius, mak mmg boleh jadi seserius yang mungkin..boleh jadi pendebat yg hebat walaupon kadang-kadang teremosi.. (+__+)
Di kalangan adik beradiknye, I bet dia adalah seorang kakak/adik yg baik dan best
Dikalangan anak buah, dialah makteh/makwe yg paling sporting and gile2

I dan mak berkongsi minat yang sama.. Kami suke memasak, boleh bertukar-tukar resepi, suka menjahit dan mengait.. Pernah sama-sama join kursus menjahit manik dan membuat aksesori kristal..Pernah buat keje gile sama-sama.. Baju Tunang I tu, mak dan I jahit manik nye... See, hebat kan I mak I? Segala hantaran bertunang dah kawen kami buat sama2... Sungguh kera-aktif kami ini..hahahah

Mak is morning person...errr I means dia akan bangun pagi2 then siapkan keje semua pagi2... Then baru rehat... Mmg kalau bangun awal ni, xpernah I bangun dulu dari dia.. Eh pernah masa sekolah... I bangun awal tgk mak xbgun lagi..yeay I menang, so cepat-cepat buat kerja rumah...konon nak suprisekan diala...sekali kul 8 mak dah jaga..rupenye dia demam on that day.. time demam pon bangun awal lagi tsk tsk...Terus I jadi cam..."ok kali ni mak kalah..tapi mak kalah bermaruah.." Eh game apekah ini? muahahha 

Oleh kerana tiada lagi sambutan hari ibu, di sini nurul nak hadiahkan mak doa agar mak sentiasa dirahmati oleh Allah SWT..

Nak cerita pasal mak sebenarnye panjang.. Kang ade plak yg kata "ala...cam dia sorg je yg ade mak..." Eh opkosla, Saya sorg je yg ade mak bernama Rossita Binti Hj Salleh tau.. ngeee


hoiiiii mak sapala yang posing chomel sangat tuuu????

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Zara - Milestone 6month

Anakanda si puteri I dah 6 bln...dah bnyk ragam dan keletah... Kalau ngan dia memalam, sentiasa je nak gelak tgk gerak geri dia... time tido, time merajuk and time ayah main telinga dia...muka tu khayal je..cam org besar dapat korek telinga, camtula gaya zara...

Sedikit susut berat badannye... hari tu zara kene handfootmouth disease tu.. Dah bawak pi HA then diorg kata its normal..just pantau dr rumah..Mommy dah risau zara kene admit ke kan...or at least kene amik darah sbb virus kan, tp alhamdullillah xde, bawak dia gi jumpa doktor yg selalu zara pegi tu pon, doc ckp xde pape..just sapu cream tu... So time demam tu zara mmg kurang menyusu..minum air masak and tido je... 

As uolls know, zara dah pon start solid food...Buat masa ni mmg homemade food yg i bagi..korg2 berdoala agak mommynye ini akan kekal rajin..Org lain boleh, so I mesti BOLEH

Based on their menu, Zara lebih suke apple and pear... keledek, plum and labu tu agak kurang suke...How I know? sbb bile makanan tu dia xsuke, mmg macam berperang nk bg dia mkn,, berbeza ngan epal...nganga jeee kalau hala sudu ke mulut..

Mst ade yg tnye kenapa xbg nestum je kan.. For me, it too sweet.. My zara dah cukup sweet so xpayah nak tambah sweet..hahahah Mst bengang kan kalau I jawab gitu..xdela, sebenarnye I dah wat research and amik pandangan org.. Better buat sendiri sbb instant food skrg ni terlalu bnyk bahan pengawet.. Dan kita pon tahu, baby xboleh kita introduce gula dan garam terlalu awal utk mereka... kesian their little tummy nk kene digest semua bahan tu.. Air tangan ibu kan ke lagi barakah...

Dah macam nk merangkak... berada di posisi merangkak pastu jerit2 suh org tgk dia..bila dah pay attention, terus menjatuhkan diri sambil tersenyum... Selalu tau bg mommy ngan ayah kecewa..hahaha

Dah kenal org, time tido pon selalu wat drama... Zara suke main laptop mommy... pantang tinggal...Sekarang ni mommy mushkil, Zara nk hapdep blog ke? Eh Zara ade blog ke?

Kecik kecik dah ade eye bag..ishhh tuela, sape suh tahan mata xmo tido..

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

RKB~ Anda buat, Anda Dapat

Hari rabu yg kurang bercakap... Nk share beberapa keping nasihat.. keping?? oh sungguh metafora...

Xpayah tunggu hari jumaat pon boleh kan kita share info ni.. 

Marilah kita bermuhasabah dan berzikir...

p/s: Penulis sedang belajar dan terus belajar mencari perubahan hidup yg lebih sempurna...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zaleha's Family Gathering

Hi peeps.. *mode:gedixs*

Last weekend family kitaorg buat family gathering... Zaleha ni nama opah I sebelah emak..Stay kat tepeng.. Ni kira gathering adik-beradik mak I and keturunannya la kan..Mak I ade 7 adik beradik,so bleh imagine x keriuhan yg ade..Cicik opah pon dah 4org.. cuma yang xdapat attend adalah makcik manis and anak2(isteri adik mak I second last) sb mak makcik manis sakit.. Pakcik Lee still turun tepeng gak tapi balik hari.. eksaited sbb adik beradik dia berkumpul kan tp terpaksa balik mlm tu jugak..

Acara BBQ ni actually lepas maghrib tetapi Pukul 3 dah start bakar...Diorg ni buat pre-cook, so nnt xde la amik masa lama sgt nak bakar je kan.. Binatang yg dipre-cook adalah kambing, chicken wing, daging... 

Jom tgk gmbr jom...

Proses menghidupkan api diketuai oleh Otai.. Pakteh (ayah I) dan uncle..

Nak jugak enterpem...btw, Mr pooh bakar dr mula sampai abis ok... Muaahhhh utk kamu..

Gambar ni cilok dari kezen I..dia upload kat fb gune instagram..so efek gambar adelah berbeza..

 Ni gambar kat dapor..pakcik lee I ngah goreng keow teow.. Tp nmpk I nak snap, terus lari pegi sinki... nmpk sipi2 je t-shirt merah dia.. Mak I yg tetap maintain...Peace nenek... :)

Chicken wing ni yang masak paling awal... Ni maklong beli dekat Ayamas..sbb tu cantik je potongan ayam tu kan..sama besar je..

Kambing... ~baa baa black sheep have u any wool ~

Lebih kurang pukul 6 ptg, diorg dah start bakar haiwan laut plak...
Pari ni 3 ekor besar..xsure berapa kilo...

Then ni keli... 7 ekor... I xmakan keli.. tp besar-besar and cam best je tgk isi dia..

 Lepas maghrib, start bakar another mkanan laut which is sotong and udang..Tapi gmbr sotong buat sun bathing lupe plak nak snap...

Udang ni maksu I marinate siap2..diorg marinate sehari sebelum so sangat sebati isinye..sedap haihhhhhh

Sungguh mengundang enzim amilase menitik-nitik nih


Oh xlupe ade jugak mini sosej.. Ni Mr Pooh yg sponsor.. I tukang cucuk lidi je.. eheh

 Masa nak edit gmbr baru perasan ade bnyk lagi makanan yg I xsempat snap..maklumla I sibukkan.. So kat atas ni adalah nasi impit... makan ngan kuah kacang daging...slurrpppp sedap hoke!

Sekali lagi amik gmbr dr fb kezen.. yg tgh2 chicken wing tu korang jangan igt hangus plak..Itu adalah daging...yg ni mmg serius sedap..maklong plak hiris2 nipis so lembut aje..permintaan sgt tinggi tp sayang daging xbnyk...wuuuu

Then ade kacang kuda goreng kari..ni Opah yg buat.. menu lain adalah keow teow goreng, bubur  jagung dangan gandum..(yg ni petang lagi dah habis, maklumla dah lapo, nk tggu bbqnye rase lambat beno)...hahaha Pastu ade blackpeper source with mushroom, ade coleslaw (yours truly yg buat..ngeeeee), ade buah-buah (tembikai, nanas, oren yg super manis, belimbing)..

See, heaven kan makanan.. mmg menjilat jari la...Sekali sekala meggembirakan lemak yg sedia ade di perot ni apa salahnye kan.. ahhaha

 Ok I ade snap gambar keow teaw goreng rupenye... Oh laparrrrrrrrrrr.. then korang nmpk sotong tu? menangis wei sbb sedap sgt....mkn plak ngan air asam.. Gulp

Then I nak bg kredit A++ kat puteri kasayangan sbb sgtla behave.. hari tu zara tido lama ok siang..Senang mommy nak buat keje..adela tido dlm 4 jam..merengek kejap tp tepok2, sambung tido balik...Siap menonggek ok tido..

Bila jaga plak, bg mandi, minum susu..then dayang2 yg ramai ni dah menunggu je nak main ngan dia...wahhh mommy ape lagi kan, menjamu selera xigt dunia la kan... Sib baik pakai blouse, so kelapisan perot dpt di cover...bijak2...

So far gathering ni sgt best..Mencapai objektif iaitu menaikan berat badan dan beramas beramah mesra..Makanan mmg super duper sedap la...TERBAIK kata boboiboi...Mlm tu balik umah parent I kat ipoh mmg flat.. Letih sbb kunyah makanan..ahahaha hope nnt ade lagi kita buat camni... tukar lokasi mungkin...hehehe

I akhiri entry makan ni dgr gambar spoting kami









 Caption dr kezen kat Fb *Mak borek, anak rintik, menantu rintik-rintik...hehehe

caption dr I *tu muka ke pinggang?lebar sgt budak baju hijau tu... (+___+)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nayati Is Home

"Siapa Nayati tu??" "Xkenal pon..."

Ok korang mmg bangsa xperihatin kalau xtau pasal kes Nayati ni... Malas nak ekplain, kalau nak tau cerita sebenarnya, carila dalam arkib surat khabar online.. (--")

Lupakan siapa dia, keturunan, agama dan warna kulit.. Yg pasti kes ini sangat membimbangkan para ibu bapa.. Dalam keadaan org ramai pon boleh jadi apatah lagi kalau anak2 kita jalan di tempat yg sunyi kan... So gerakan mencari mmg dapat dilihat.. Hari pekerja lepas, masa I singgah Mydin pon, merata diorg tampal poster pemberitahuan kehilangan Nayati nih..

I yang dah jadi ibu-ibu gojes ni harusla berhati tisu kan kalau dpt tahu anak org hilang..wuuuu time hantar zara pegi nursery pon dah cair mekap mata menangis dlm kete, ish xdpt bayangkan kalau zara hilang..wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu *ok xmo bayangkan!

Then td dapat tahu a good new.. Nayati is home.. Syukur Alhamdulillah dia selamat.. ni adalah keratan yg nak dikongsi bersama..


We are delighted to tell you that Nayati is back home with us and although it has obviously been a very traumatic time for him, he appears at this stage to be in good shape. We cannot begin to say how proud we are of him and the way that he has coped with the events of the past week.

 We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received from all our friends here in Kuala Lumpur and all over the world. We are unable to find the words to express our gratitude but we will never forget what they did for us.

 Even more surprising, because it was so unexpected, has been the support of people whom we have never met - and are never likely to meet – in countries as far away as Zambia and the USA, who have offered their time, skills and, in many cases, money, without any expectation of any form of compensation. We are so grateful for their help.

We also appreciate very much the tremendous practical and moral support we have received from the Netherlands Embassy and in particular the Ambassador, Mr Paul Bekkers. With his help we were able to surmount some “interesting” technical problems.

Finally we would like to express our gratitude to the Government of Malaysia, specifically the Royal Malaysian Police. Their number one priority from the start has been the safe return of Nayati and they have been most careful not to do anything that might have jeopardise his safety. We have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy our stay in this wonderful country.

 As we are sure you will understand, Nayati’s kidnapping is the subject of an ongoing investigation so we are unfortunately not at liberty to reveal any of the details of the case at this stage.

 There will be a press conference on Friday. Details to follow. 

Thank you.

, Shyam Priah." 

*zaman sekarang nih, jaga tepi kain org lain tu perlu..tp awas jangan sampai nk tahu lebih2 pasal kain tu!.. jangan terlalu amik sikap mudah and xkisah..
*eh syok pulak main kaler2 tulisan nih... weeeeeeeeee

Puree Apple

As salam...
As uolls knew, First menu yg i sediakan utk zara adalah puri epal... So saje nak share macam mana caranye nak buat resepi yg amat mudah ni.. I baru format laptop, so try la dwnload picasa.. semalam try edit sekali outcome camni...malas nk edit balik..kire halal la erk...

2 biji epal
250ml air

1.  Ni acara asasla kan... Kupas kulit epal ni... Utk menu ni I gune epal merah sbb rasa dia sweet kan..then potong dadu...basuh bersih-bersih.

2.  Ok, actually ade 2 kaedah utk masak epal ni. first korang bleh stim then second boleh rebus... I pilih utk rebus..so that air rebusan epal tu boleh digunakan utk mengisar epal nanti.. Kalau nak steam pon boleh, time nak blend tu, kalau agak2 cam pekat sgt bahan, leh la campor ebm or fresh milk sedikit.. masuk kan epal kedalam periuk bersama air dan biarkan air mendidih. Jangan bnyk sgt air yerk.. Gambar sebelah kiri ni air dah mendidih...so uolss just kacau sama rata bagi semua bahagian epal tu masak..

3.  Bila dah agak masak dan epal bertukar warna keemasan, sejukkan..
4.  So dah agak sejuk, bolehla blend..
Tara.... dah siap... sbb kan ni first  food, so better kita tapis supaya xdela berserabut sgt makanan ni..bila dah tapis, tektur puri ni lagi halus...senang la sikit baby nak makan n perot dia pon senang nak diggest kan..
5.   Then boleh masukkan kedalam bekas kiub and bekukan...I buat 8kiub which is setiap kiub tu lebih kurang 1 1/4 sudu besar..so setiap kali mkn, just take out 1 kiub and panaskan guna warmer.. kan follow 4 days rules so 2 kiub utk sehari..

Amacam? senang bukan..korang bleh masak sambil berfacebook... :)
Selamat mencuba


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hmmmm sedapnye mommyyyyyy..............

Hi... Selamat Hari Pekerja..

Cam diwar-warkan sebelum ini, zara hari ni start mkn solid food.. She really enjoy her first menu; Apple Puree... Mommy ngan ayah mmgla eksaited kan.. Bgn pagi, cepat2 siapkan keje semua then siapkan zara..pastu panaskan makanan dia, and Bismillahirahmannirrohim...

Andainye satu hari nanti bila zara dah pandai membaca, ada blog sendiri, di sini mommy nak pahatkan kenangan pertama kali zara makan air tangan mommy...so zara bleh bgtau kengkawan zara "1/Mei/ 2012, kite mula makan epal puri yg mak kite buat"..hikhik. *itupon kalau blogspot ni still ade la kan.. 

I was very happy mother