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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Watashi wa Totemo daisuki Mr Pooh

Hepi 5th Anniversary Dear...!!!

Yeah... today is my couple anniversary...

How I meet my LOVE?
~I noe my love from my friend.. Nik Norhamizah.. That time, Nik was couple wif my fiance's housemate, Hafiz Nazri... So this couple has done a match maker between me n Mr Pooh...

What the first word from him that u still remember?
~" Hi, boleh saya tau awak nie sape...kenapa mis kol no saya" *begitu skema Mr Pooh time tu... ekekkeke*

When the first time i meet my LOVE?
~hahahha *nak gelak dulu* Okay, as i told, Nik-Hafiz has arranged us rite... so 1 day when Nik, Ani and I went out for dinner, Nik has told me she want to met her BF.. so Ani and I just left nik at Shahab Perdana( nama cam gempak je pdahal stesen bas.. :p) ... after an hour, Nik call me and told Hafiz's motor has break down in front of Bundle Shop...so Ani and I go to met Nik.. but when I arrived on the scene, *jeng jeng jeng..Mode: suspend * I saw Nik and Hafiz smile at me..such as nothing happend... wif them, I saw 1 boy with full face cover helmet seat on his motorcycle.. Nik has surprised me wif this word.." Wani, nie la Zafran yg dok slalu msg wanie tu..."and that boy juz smiling to me..

So can you imagine how i feel... *rase nak luku kepala Nik and Hafis bertalu-talu time tu....pastu nak lari laju2 sebab malu siut...yeala Mr Pooh nampak aku, tapi aku xnampak muke dia...*

Where the first place you went out for date?
~Pekan Rabu lor...I still remember, on that was a heavy rain.. He came late and i wait for him for 2 hours... huhuhu how pity i am and how lucky he is...

How he propose you as His Lover @ as Mrs Pooh?
~His word "Saya nak kenal awak lebih jauh dan nak hubungan kita lebuh dari sebagai kawan boleh..??" *hee comel x*

Nak tau lebih Q&A... tggu lain kali aku wat entry..MY MR Pooh okay?

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